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Why can’t I just use water in my sealing machine, postage meter or inserter?

Published: March 20, 2019

We get this question a lot! Usually from people that recently purchased an inserter or envelope sealer.

Then we get photo’s like the one below.

Close up of a moldy envelope sealer

The sealing brush that is normally off white and the sponge that is normally yellow now a black moldy mess and no longer works. So now they need to purchase a new sponge and brush. And that is just we can see without opening up the machine.

This problem is easy to avoid with envelope sealing fluid. For low volume users, the most cost-effective way to avoid this problem is to buy a few 4oz bottles of concentrated sealing solution. Pick up a bottle of water at your local grocery store. Locally we can get 1 gallon of deionized water for under $2. It doesn’t have to be deionized we just like taking the extra precaution. You then dump out 4 oz of water and add 1 ea 4 oz concentrate. Now you have 1 full gallon of sealing fluid, without paying to ship water across the country. Cost per gallon, about $20. Hold on to the bottle, fill it with water and add another 4 oz of concentrate, bringing your cost down to about $18 per gallon.

We know, no one likes the added expense! But it really isn’t adding expense, it’s saving your machine! Not only from mold, but often rust and buildup of mineral deposits and rust. Don’t get me wrong, we are more than happy to sell you the parts and service the machine, or replace it. But wouldn’t you rather skip the downtime and expense and prevent the problem from happening!?

For clients that use a lot of sealing fluid, you have the option of stepping up to a full gallon of concentrate. 1 Gallon Concentrate Envelope Sealing Fluid makes 32 gallons of sealing fluid. At the current price, your cost per gallon would be about $4.70 per gallon. Resellers and high volume users can get the cost per gallon down to $2 per gallon by purchasing the 15 gallon container! Compare that to Pitney Bowes E-Z Seal® Sealing Solution – 4 Half Gallon Bottles @ $49 per gallon!

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