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What is the difference between the different color Straight Shooter Belts

Published: April 22, 2019

Most of the Straight Shooter feeder belts are available in 3 different colors each having different grip

Grip on Straight Shooter Feeder Belts
  1. The White belts are the standard grip belts found on most Straight Shooter Feeders. The White Feed Belt on most feeders is part # 11-149WF, and The smaller traction belt is part # 916-9WT. Most Straight shooter feeders like the R-14 and C-12 have four feed belts and three traction belts. This white belt kit can be found under part number SS-C12-Kit-White. For wider feeders like the C-20 with five feed and four traction belts, use part number C-20 FEEDER KIT White
  2. The Blue belts offer a bit more grip and come standard on Rena EasyFeed branded feeders. The Blue Feed Belt on most feeders is part # 11-149BF. The smaller blue traction belt is part # 916-9BT. For most standard feeders like the Rena EasyFeed 120, you can get a Blue Belt Kit part # EASYFEED120kit. For wider feeders like the EasyFeed 200 and C-20, use part # C-20 FEEDER KIT
  3. The Brown / Tan belts are known as the High Friction belts and offer the most traction/ grip and are typically only sold when a client has feed problems. The Feed Belt is 11-145UHF. The smaller traction belt is 961-7UHF.

The #1 problem we run into with all the belts is cracking! And that should not happen! Too often people clean the belts with cleaners that destroy the oils in the rubber and dries the rubber out. Most commonly, Alcohol, press wash or RenaCare. If you use a cleaner that is designed to protect and replace the oils in the rubber your belts will last a lot longer! A great example of this is our S203 Rubber Roller Cleaner & Rejuvenator

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