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Warranty: M-Jet Printer Ink MACH Ink Tanks

Published: November 18, 2019

We get a lot of calls and chat requests from people looking for the Ink Tanks for their Rena M-Jet printers like the Mach 5, Mach 6 and Mach 8. Yes, we sell them here. However! Please Note! You really need to purchase the ink from the company that you ordered the printer from. Or your tank will not be covered under warranty!

If something goes wrong with the chip on the tank or the tank it, most likely will not be covered! When you need to make the return they need the serial number and the contact information of the company you purchased the printer from and the ink from, your software version and other information. If they see that you purchased the ink from a company other than the company that sold you the printer, they most likely will not cover it. This is not our policy, it is the manufactures policy. We run into this problem because our SuppliesForMailers.com clients often use their discount codes. When they do, they see they can save a lot on the ink and want to order from us. This is also why you really should purchase the machine from an authorized reseller. 

That is why you see the warning on the Mach Ink category page “Must have purchased the printer from All For Mailers Inc to be covered under Warranty” 

So, Yes, you can purchase the ink tanks on our online store https://SuppliesForMailers.com, it will ship directly from Rena and or Neopost / Quadient. But if you did not purchase the printer from us, we can not warranty the tank.

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