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Video: Replacing the tab sweep on the Accufast KT Tabber

Published: November 27, 2017

One of the most common parts to replace on the Accufast KT tabber is the tab sweep.

Tab Sweep for the Accufast KT 1.5 03-0772-00

Tab Sweep for the Accufast KT 1.5 03-0772-00

Accufast KT Sweep 05-0555-02

Accufast KT Sweep 05-0555-02

When the machine operates, a mailer goes into the front of the machine, hits a tab/wafer seal.  The wafer seal is folded in 1/2 by the bottom metal plate of the machine and the white plastic tab folds over the top 1/2. a foam roller then presses the tab firmly to the mailer.

The video below shows you how to replace the sweep

Other common Accufast KT parts include:

05-0345-00 Take Up Spool C-Clip, Plastic

Belt, Round, .093, KT take up o-ring

02-0826-00 Urethane Foam Roller

Foam transport rollers for Accufast products

Accufast KT Motor, QT, TT, KT2

Do you have the KT that only applies 1″ tabs and need to apply 1.5″ tabs? Consider upgrading! Accufast KT1.5 Dual Mode Tabber for 1.5 inch tabs! Or have your machine upgraded.

Tired of applying one tab at a time? Apply 2 with the Accufast KT2 Double Tabber

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