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US Manufactured Compatible Pitney Bowes® Cartridges for the Mailing Industry

Published: June 11, 2009

Compatible ink cartridges, which are newly manufactured products, started out in the low cost manufacturing areas of the Far East.  While offering big savings for end users, the reliability and quality of such products vary tremendously.

As the end-user demand grew and more experience was gained, Color Labs, a California-based leading reseller of compatible cartridges to the mailing industry, took the bold step of investing in tooling and technology to produce these compatibles in the USA – ensuring utmost quality through a more controlled environment.

Buying into an established manufacturing company in Franklin, Tennessee, Color Labs is able to take advantage of experienced ink specialists and the manufacturing process to work with its own R&D staff and Engineers to bring these products to market, offering higher levels of reliability and quality.  And even with performance-driven consumables, Color Labs price points remain the same – offering the same great savings, affordability and added-value that are ultimately enjoyed by end-user customers.

Color Labs manufactures a range of compatible cartridges for the Pitney Bowes® line of digital postage machines in a distinctive green color housing, effectively distinguishing themselves from imported products and offering a 100% quality /replacement guarantee on all its products.

Compatible cartridges offer big savings over the OEM cartridges. Color Labs products are manufactured to the highest standards, Colorlab’s fluorescent red ink formula has been tested by the US Postal Service and is proven to meet government fluorescence requirements for processing metered mail.

Pitney Bowes is a registered trademark of Pitney Bowes Inc. Color Labs products are not manufactured or endorsed by, or affiliated with Pitney Bowes.

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