Walco & Other Production Systems

Console Systems are engineered for the high volume demands of today’s commercial mailing and printing environments. Rugged, versatile, and modular in design, a production console system may include a conveyor, feeder, dryer, tabber, bump turn and is sure to enhance productivity while reducing operating costs. Call one of our knowledgeable Mailing Equipment Specialists and learn how you can customize a solution to fit your operations-specific needs. 1-866-430-2874

Below is an example of a Walco System in use at one of our clients.

Walco & Other Production Systems Available

Walco SL204 Autoloading Shingle Feeder

  • Feeds the most difficult material with ease!
  • From face shields on chemical suits to Poly Bags with Zipper to odd size small boxes
  • Material Size: Min. 3″W x 4″L – Max 19.5″W x 28″L
  • Material Thickness: Up to 3/4″ Max (In Standard Configuration)


Walco VF200AL High Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder With Auto Loader

Take production to the next level!  Just add an intelligent autoloader to the best vacuum friction feeder on the market and allow 1 person to run a large mailing all by themselves!

Walco 655VT-28W Plow Fold Transport

  • Heavy Duty
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Flow Fold System

Walco 200RT Right Turn – Turnover System

The Walco 200RT Right Turn – Turnover System offers a simple and innovative way to turnover large sheets and delivers them in the same orientation at a right angle.

Walco 575ITO Inline Turnover

Don’t stop production just to turn a product over and place it in another machine!  Let the Walco 575ITO turn the product over for you, automatically and keep production flowing!

Walco 350INC Incline Bump Turn

Put your folder in-line with your addressing system or tabbing system has never been easier with this easy to setup incline iump turn.

Walco 240BT Bump Turn System

Walco Bump Turns are easy to set-up and integrate into high volume production operations. These variable speed transports are capable of handling pieces from 3″W x 5″L – Max 8.5″W x 11″L, up to ½” thick . When looking for an inline solution for rotating pieces 90 degrees a Walco Systems Bump Turn is a simple, affordable and reliable answer.

Walco Combo Feed and Transport Systems

These industrial strength specialty Feeders/Transports are easily integrated in-line with production equipment and are sure to improve production. Walco Combo Feed and Transport systems are User friendly, easy to operate and capable of handling pieces up to 1″ thick.

Walco Vacuum Transport Systems

When tabbing at 20,000 p/hr or printing at speeds up to 600 feet p/m maintaining control of the piece is vital to ensuring accurate placement of tabs, labels and print. With 4 different sizes to choose from Walco’s Vacuum Transports are expressly designed to maintain piece control at high speeds and makes an ideal platform for print heads, tab/label applicators, camera systems and more

Walco 350IJ Inkjet Imaging System

Mailroom equipment like the Walco 350IJ are designed to reduce errors, dry any ink before it is ever handled to reduce smudges and speed up your small business mail campaign.  The faster your materials are in the hands of your potential customers, the sooner they’ll be knocking down your door.

Walco Variable Speed Conveyors

Walco’s industrial variable speed conveyors feature heavy duty components and a high torque drive system that are designed to handle large volumes and years of dependable operation while running 24/7.

Walco conveyors feature a straight away drive systems and can be controlled by signals from a printer or feeder. This allows you to speed up the conveyor on a signal from the printer.  Allowing you to easily separate trays and bundles. Walco offers Stand Alone Drive Motor Control that can be set by the operator. Variable speed drive allows for better piece control which helps ensure favorable speeds for both the printing and drying processes are maintained.

Walco Industrial Inkjet Drying Systems

It doesn’t matter what you’re mailing, if it comes through smudged, smeared or otherwise streaked, your customers are going to notice right away.  That’s not a worry when you add the Walco Industrial Inkjet Drying System to your team of mailroom equipment.

Walco VF200 High Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder

Your line is only as fast as the friction feeder that supplies it.  Speed things up with the Walco VF200 High Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder.

Walco 655MB Multibase System Addressing System

The Walco 655MB Series incorporates inkjet printing and drying systems on the same transport base.  It was engineered for the high volume use demanded by today’s commercial environment. This versatile tranport system was designed for ease of use along with accuracy of product registration. The ergonomic operator panel allows for independent control of transport devices including dryer temperature control.