Label Appliers & Stamp Affixers

Label Appliers & Stamp Affixers help automate the process of addressing and personalizing mailpieces saving time and money in the mailroom! These machines automatically apply address labels for mailing or peel and stick address labels for customer responses and USPS Postage Stamps. The use of stamps has been proven to improve response rates and maipiece marketing is a key for success. Apply labels and stamps to a wide range of media including mail pieces, folded stock, double postcards, newsletters, and booklets.

Like Address and Envelope printers there are many features to consider so call one of our knowledgeable Mailing Equipment Specialists who can help find the right piece of mailing equipment for you. Ask about our 5 Year Board Warranty available on most new models and some Refurbished ones too!.


Label Appliers & Stamp Affixers Available

AFM80ST Low Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber

With an All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Low Cost Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber you can apply live postage automatically!

This new Automatic Stamping option allows you to apply USPS Postage Stamps to number #10 Envelopes at up to 4,800 per hour.


The Rena XPS-ProTab 4.0 is fast and versatile, handling up to 35,000 pieces /hr and up to three in 1 pass.  It applies clear, translucent and paper tabs with ease in a variety of tab sizes and can apply labels up to 4″ wide. The XPS-ProTab has intelligent sensors and innovative guides that ensure smooth material handling and make setup simple.  The system is designed to be easy-to-run in-line with various console products.

  • Applies 1, 2 or 3 Tabs/Stamps In A Single Pass!
  • Speeds up to 35,000 Tabs/Stamps Per Hour
  • 4″ Wide Tab/Label Applicator Head Standard
  • Versatile, In-Line Console Design


  • Runs Material up to 1/2″ thick
  • Tabs/Stamps 35,000 Pieces/hr
  • Applies Clear, Translucent & Paper Tabs
  • Automatic Tab Positioning
  • Holds Standard Rolls (3″ core)


Label, Tab or Apply Postage Stamps this jack of all trades.

  • Applies 1 ea Clear, Translucent & Paper Tabs
  • Applies 1-Up Labels
  • Applies USPS Stamps
  • 25,000 Pieces/hr
  • Integrated Feeder

Rena L-250 Labeler – Tabber

The Rena L-250 Labeler can label up to 20,000 pieces per hour. With an integrated feeder and catch tray, this mailing machine will keep you productive.

Accufast XLR Labeler

The XLR is designed to handle the demands of accurate and consistent placement of stamps, RPN’s, inventory, bar code and specialty labels that come on rolls.

Accufast XL Labeler – Stamp & Label Applicator

The Accufast XL Labeler has been consistently listed among the best table top labelers on the market. This piece of high quality mail equipment is designed to improve your printing return on investment.

Freehand Label Applier

The Freehand labeler is the most durable entry level labeler on the market.  This dependable little label applicator is perfect for small schools, churches and other small organizations that don’t need production mailing equipment.

  • labels up to 8,000 pieces per hour
  • labels pieces 5” to 15” wide, from 20 lb. thin to 1/8” thick, coated and uncoated