Conveyors & Dryers

All For Mailers offers a variety of dependable Conveyors and Dryers that add value to any printing and mailing operation. The addition of a Infrared or Near Infrared dryer that will improve ink cure times, reduce smears and smudges and improve production speeds during printing operations. For efficient material handling Conveyors are effective tools that save time, assist operators in stacking and packaging of pieces.

Our Mailing Equipment Specialists have used this equipment in many situations over the years, we have experience and we know the manufacturers, and are ready to help you choose the right equipment for the right job. Call for Details 1-866-430-2874.

Conveyors & Dryers Available

Formax V-Stack36i Vertical Stacker

  • Stacks documents vertically
  • Compatible with a variety of folders and sealers
  • Photo eye activation
  • LED indicator
  • Optional adjustable stand

Walco Variable Speed Conveyors

Walco’s industrial variable speed conveyors feature heavy duty components and a high torque drive system that are designed to handle large volumes and years of dependable operation while running 24/7.

Walco conveyors feature a straight away drive systems and can be controlled by signals from a printer or feeder. This allows you to speed up the conveyor on a signal from the printer.  Allowing you to easily separate trays and bundles. Walco offers Stand Alone Drive Motor Control that can be set by the operator. Variable speed drive allows for better piece control which helps ensure favorable speeds for both the printing and drying processes are maintained.

Walco Industrial Inkjet Drying Systems

It doesn’t matter what you’re mailing, if it comes through smudged, smeared or otherwise streaked, your customers are going to notice right away.  That’s not a worry when you add the Walco Industrial Inkjet Drying System to your team of mailroom equipment.