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Testing Sensors on most Bryce – Secap Printers and more

Published: April 30, 2020

Every Secap printer that I know of that was made by Bryce Office Systems has a Service Menu that will help diagnose some of the most common service issues.

Some of the machines include The Pitney Bowes DA950, Secap SA5300, SA5000, SA3300, 30K, SA5300, 30K-NFO, 5KL, 9KL- 11K, 13K, 22k, 20K, 24K, 26Kand a Rena Imager III

To access the Service Menu the printer needs to be Off-Line.
To enter the Service Menu, hold down the [Menu] and [-] buttons until the SERVICE MENU is displayed on the first line of the LCD.  Use the [+] key to navigate through the menu till you find  Test System.  Once you do press the [Enter] key to go into the “Test System” submenu

Test System options in the Service Menu

Some models will also have an “F” on the display for the feed sensor. Like the paper sensor, a Lower case “f” = feed sensor is unblocked.  An Upper case “F” = feed sensor is blocked.

DO NOT USE CHEMICALS to clean the sensors!  They are plastic and chemicals can easily do more harm than good.  Do not use Q-Tips they can leave behind cotton.

1st Turn the machine off and try cleaning the sensor with compressed air that is safe for sensors like this one Supplies For Mailers Non-Flammable Compressed Air, safe for sensors, or go the Eco-friendly route with the XXL Duster.

If you still have a capital P or F, indicating the sensor is still blocked, try a small soft paintbrush then the air again.  If it is still blocked, turn the machine off and wet the paintbrush then dry it so it is just barely damp.  Clean the sensor with it and dry it with air.  Make sure it is dry before turning the machine back on and testing it.  If it still is blocked you probably need to replace it.  Head over to the parts section of Supplies For Mailers.

If your printer still is not printing, you can test the encoders in this menu.  Encoders can be tricky to replace and can easily be damaged if not done correctly.  Because of this, they are normally do not come with a warranty unless installed by an authorized technician. The encoders are available at SuppliesForMailers.com. Contact us for instructions for replacing the encoder or try this one for an example Instructions for replacing the encoder on a 30K or Rena Imager III

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