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Where can I download a Operators Manual for my Accufast KT Tabber and XL Labeler

? I just purchased a used Accufast XL labeler and KT Tabber. But they came without manuals. Were can I get manuals for them? Answer:  SuppliesForMailers.com For the Accufast XL Operators Instruction Manual go here.  http://suppliesformailers.com/xl-operators-manual-instruction.aspx For the Accufast KT Operators Instruction Manual go here.   http://suppliesformailers.com/accufast-kt-operators-manual.aspx While you are there.. Need tabs – wafer seals made to […]

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Accufast XL Labeler Setup, Training and Basic Troubleshooting

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is a video worth? If you need to set up an Accufast XL labeler, hopefully, it’s priceless! I hate doing videos, but this training/troubleshooting video seems to have helped a few of our clients. So we decided to share it with everyone. It is not intended to […]

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How to Apply Postage Stamps to 25k-30k Envelopes a Month

Hi. I’m looking for a low-cost unit to apply live postage stamps. I’m doing about 25-30,000 envelopes a month but I hope to increase that. Also, do you know what size rolls they come in? -Sharyl Expert Recommends:  UPDATE – 05/06/2021   We now recommend the All For Mailer Inc AFM80DT Low-Cost Postage Stamp Applicator” / […]

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