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How do I adjust and clean the Accufast KT Tab Sensor?

UPDATED 12/19/2018 If you experience tabbing problems on the Accufast KT, tune the sensor for clear tabs – translucent tabs Also known as a KT Sensor Reset: WARNING DO NOT PLACE FINGERS OR TOOLS BETWEENOR NEAR MOVING PARTS. 1) Turn the POWER SWITCH off.2) Remove any tabs and debris from the peel point area through […]

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Bryce – Secap 30K, 26K, 22K Transport Stall

Question: My Secap 30K will start up and print, and then suddenly, the transport speeds up, it misses a few pieces, then I get a transport stall.   Sometimes it will feed a few, not print at all, and stall.  I have cleaned the feeder and printer paper sensors.  If I move the belts by hand, […]

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Service issues on our Secap 24K and 30K

We are curious and would like to know if others are having issues with getting service on Secap / Bryce addressing systems!? Part availability, High Prices, Long delays getting parts!? Or is it just our local dealers? ANSWER: It’s across the board! Once Secap was purchased by PB they started completely phasing out the older […]

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