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Testing Sensors on most Bryce – Secap Printers and more

Every Secap printer that I know of that was made by Bryce Office Systems has a Service Menu that will help diagnose some of the most common service issues. Some of the machines include¬†The Pitney Bowes DA950, Secap SA5300, SA5000, SA3300, 30K, SA5300, 30K-NFO, 5KL, 9KL- 11K, 13K, 22k, 20K, 24K, 26Kand a Rena Imager […]

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Bryce – Secap 24K-P Parts! Transport Belt – Sensor and more..

The Bryce – Secap 24K-P is known for being a workhorse in the direct mail industry! But as you know it’s become very hard to find parts. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Bryce Secap 24K-P Parts One of the few parts that wears out over time is the main feed / transport belt. We […]

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How do I adjust and clean the Accufast KT Tab Sensor?

UPDATED 12/19/2018 If you experience tabbing problems on the Accufast KT, tune the sensor for clear tabs – translucent tabs Also known as a KT Sensor Reset: WARNING DO NOT PLACE FINGERS OR TOOLS BETWEENOR NEAR MOVING PARTS. 1) Turn the POWER SWITCH off.2) Remove any tabs and debris from the peel point area through […]

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