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Roller Upgrade! 20-108-13D Replacement Split Roller, Half Moon Tire 20-108-13

If you have one of the following printers you’re going to love this upgrade! Rena Imager 2.5 Rena Imager 3.0 Rena Imager 4.0 Astrojet 1000p Neopost, AS-225P Neopost AS-940 Hasler HJ-225p Astrojet AJ-2650P Astrojet AJ-2800P The main feed rollers / feed segments were designed to be easily replaced (Item 4 in the graphic below).  At […]

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Rena Imager XT 3.0 printer problem with head height bouncing up and down when adjusting head height

Problem: We have a Rena Imager XT 3.0 that is having problems with the head height. Instead of going right to the height you set when going to print it bounces up and down, sometimes it will settle down to the correct height, but usually, I have to push on the gear. I’ve seen a […]

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