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Roller Upgrade! 20-108-13D Replacement Split Roller, Half Moon Tire 20-108-13

If you have one of the following printers you’re going to love this upgrade! Rena Imager 2.5 Rena Imager 3.0 Rena Imager 4.0 Astrojet 1000p Neopost, AS-225P Neopost AS-940 Hasler HJ-225p Astrojet AJ-2650P Astrojet AJ-2800P The main feed rollers / feed segments were designed to be easily replaced (Item 4 in the graphic below).  At […]

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Rena Imager XT 3.0 printer problem with head height bouncing up and down when adjusting head height

Problem: We have a Rena Imager XT 3.0 that is having problems with the head height. Instead of going right to the height you set when going to print, it bounces up and down; sometimes, it will settle down to the correct height, but usually, I have to push on the gear. I’ve seen a […]

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