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How do I adjust and clean the Accufast KT Tab Sensor?

UPDATED 12/19/2018 If you experience tabbing problems on the Accufast KT, tune the sensor for clear tabs – translucent tabs Also know as a KT Sensor Reset: WARNING DO NOT PLACE FINGERS OR TOOLS BETWEENOR NEAR MOVING PARTS. 1) Turn the POWER SWITCH off.2) Remove any tabs and debris from the peel point area through the […]

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Cleaning and Maintaining HP C8842A and other TIJ 2.5 Cartridges

Updated 5/14/2020 The most common problem we have with address printers is poor print quality!  This comes from people not understanding proper cleaning and handling of HP TIJ 2.5 cartridges like HP C8842A and SFM 42A. None of the printers in the industry do a good job of properly cleaning and capping the cartridge.  Some […]

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