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SureFeed? StreamFeeder? Time to Upgrade!

Published: June 29, 2018

Stop wasting time and money with your old Streamfeeder or Sure-Feed Feeder!

How long does it take you to replace the belts on your old Sure-Feed or Streamfeeder feeder? WAY TOO LONG! It should not be a project! And to make matters worse the OEM part prices are out of control.

There are better feeders out there! Feeders that..

  1. You can change the belts on in under 15 min, the 1st time.
  2. That don’t beat themselves up with a hard separation point
  3. That guide the product all the way through to make sure it stays straight
  4. Feeders that are just plain built better!
  5. Affordable Parts!

OEM parts for these feeders have gone through the roof!

It’s time for better feeders, from companies that don’t try to get rich on replacement parts!
Time for a better alternative, one that has been proven to last and not price gouge on parts.
Time for you to check out feeders from Straight Shooter and Walco!

Here are a few of the top choices

Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder

Affordable, durable, reliable and ease of set up, make this unit an instant standout.
Replacement parts for the C-12 / R-12 are cost effective. We carry the entire line of Straight Shooter feeders. For Example,
Envelope Feeder for Laser Printers and Digital Duplicator and STRAIGHT SHOOTER INTRODUCES THE ALL NEW P9*AND D9* INSERTER COMPATIBLE FEEDERS

Straight Shooter C-12 / R-12 Friction Feeder

Straight Shooter C-12 / R-12 Friction Feeder

Walco F110E Heavy Duty Friction Feeder

The most DURABLE and dependable feeder in its class!  This cost-effective unit is a tank. If you hate downtime and repair bills, this is the friction feeder for you.
Replacement parts for the Walco F110F. Why are there so few parts listed? Because we list parts when people order them! The only parts listed at the time of writing this, are consumables. No bearings listed, no shafts, because this unit is built to last. We have yet to have a single client need to replace anything but the consumables and even those are rare. Because the Walco F110E has no hard nip point rubbing against the separator and the belts are made with the best rubber available. Click here for more information and videos

Walco F110E Heavy Duty Friction Feeder

Walco F110E Heavy Duty Friction Feeder

Walco VF200 High-Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder

The Heavyweight Champion of feeders! This beast combines through belt vacuum, friction, and bow separation so there is no hard separation point. Go from newspapers to cardboard boxes to postcards in seconds and with ease. Add the autoloader and make it a VF200AL to maximize production! When you need want to be ready to feed anything, The VF200 is the answer. See more information and videos on the Walco VF200 here and the Walco VF200AL here

Walco VF200 Vacuum Friction Feeder

Walco VF200AL combines the VF200 Vacuum Friction Feeder with an Autoloader to maximize production

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