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SuppliesForMailers.com Partners with eCHECKit allowing clients to pay with a check, online!

Published: January 23, 2010

You asked to make your online purchase with a check, SuppliesForMailers.com delivered!

UPDATE: Sorry this is no longer available. However, you can now pay via check, via PayPal and PayPal Financing 

Try eCHECKit and pay for your mailing supplies with a check!
Now when you check out at SuppliesForMailers.com you have the choice of “Google Checkout,” “Paypal”, “eCHECHit,” and of course, the standard credit card processing of American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover!

No credit card? No debit card? No problem!
eCHECKit lets you pay for purchases with your checking account. It’s easy safe and secure.

eCHECKit is more secure and has less risk for the customer than traditional credit or debit card payment transactions. Payment information only travels within the eCHECKit network, never leaving their secure servers.  eCHECKit handles all account – payment information directly with you the consumer, secure on the eCHECKit servers.

And for a limited time, save 2% on your mailing supply order when you type in eCHECKit for your discount code and use eCHECKit to checkout and pay for your order at SuppliesForMailers.com!  Just another way we save you money on addressing ink, meter ink, postal tabs – wafer seals and so much more!


Why do I have to go through a sign-up process to use eCHECKit?
By signing up, eCHECKit can store your profile on eCHECKit’s secure servers, allowing eCHECKit to quickly facilitate subsequent orders that you place with eCHECKit. Once you have an account, check-out with eCHECKit only takes a matter of seconds! You won’t have to sign-up again.

 Can I sign-up and check-out (complete my purchase) at the same time?
Yes! Simply choose the “New User” option when first directed to the eCHECKit screen, and you will be taken through the registration process and upon completion, be presented with the order confirmation screen.

How will my bank account information be handled?
Your bank account information is stored on eCHECKit’s secure servers, and never divulged to any other party, not even the place where you’re shopping!
Am I notified of each transaction?
When you have completed an order, the website retailer at which you’re shopping will send you notice.
When do funds leave my account?
Typically, funds for the purchases that you make will be debited from your bank account the following business day.

eCHECKit is telling me that I have reached my purchase limit. What’s that about?
Once you sign-up for an eCHECKit account, you will have an established purchasing limit over a period.  If you’ve received notice that you have reached that limit, simply wait the appropriate amount of time and try your order again.

Does eCHECKit work internationally?
No, not at this time. eCHECKit service works only with U.S. checking accounts, and all transactions are denominated in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks.

Does eCHECKit work with ATM/Debit cards, travelers’ checks, or money orders?
No, not at this time.

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