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Published: July 29, 2009

The new P9 (presentation mode) and D9 (demand mode) feeders from Straight Shooter are the latest innovations from the company that brought you buckle separation, straight feeding and 5-minute belt changes. Responding to requests to put Straight Shooter ideas into a model for swing arm inserting equipment, they developed two all new 9” (width) capacity models!

Straight Shooter P9 Inserter FeederThe P9 (presentation mode) feeder fits in the feed station of a normal swing arm type inserting machine to replace the standard vacuum feeder. The P9 incorporates unique paper guides that guide the document all the way to the gripper and their built-in product detect is attached to the guides so that a separate adjustment of this eye is not necessary!  Utilizing beam-break technology the photo eye is not sensitive to dark printing on the document as is the case with competitive feeders! In addition, it’s built-in paper hold down guides present the document at the right height for the gripper.
Call 866-430-2874 for Price and Availability! MSRP (D- 9 Inserter $3,395) (P-9 Presentation $2,395) (D-9 Demand $3,395)

There is no need to add additional components to the inserter for paper guiding.   The P9 can be conveniently set up away from the hopper and then simply slid into position.   It can even be moved from one hopper to another with no adjustments!

The D9 (Demand mode) feeder adds capacity to any type of inserter. The D9 can be placed on the front table of a swing arm inserter and eject a piece into the insert track when signaled by the included start photo eye. Not only can the D9 easily increase your inserter capacity, it can also handle hard to feed items such as Z-folded pieces, booklets, magnets, CD’s and more!
The D9 incorporates our unique acceleration section that creates consistent gaps between pieces and accelerates each piece away from the feeder for excellent delivery to an inserter or collator type machine.

The P9 and D9 feeders both offer the following exclusive Straight Shooter features:

  • Complete paper guides that control the document all the way through the feeder.
  • Paper guides that descend below the surface of the belts so pieces cannot slip out underneath
  • Exit guides with built-in stop photo for simplicity and precise delivery of documents
  • Four repositionable feed belts and acceleration belts – easily adjustable for wider range of pieces!
  • Dual, independently adjustable separators for versatility. – Feeds uneven pieces easily!
  • Simple, single knob adjustments – No tools necessary
  • 5 minute belt changes
  • Variable speeds
  • Can also be used as continuous feeders for ink jetting or tabbing
  • Handles piece sizes from business cards to 9” wide, from 2” to 12” long.
  • Thicknesses from single sheet to 3/8”
  • Acceleration section creates consistent product gaps and ejects documents positively
  • Reversible back wedge with angle, height and position adjustments
  • New P-9 Inserter Feeder Product Brochure

*Patents Pending

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