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Roller Upgrade! 20-108-13D Replacement Split Roller, Half Moon Tire 20-108-13

Published: June 30, 2020

If you have one of the following printers you’re going to love this upgrade!

  • Rena Imager 2.5
  • Rena Imager 3.0
  • Rena Imager 4.0
  • Astrojet 1000p
  • Neopost, AS-225P
  • Neopost AS-940
  • Hasler HJ-225p
  • Astrojet AJ-2650P
  • Astrojet AJ-2800P

The main feed rollers / feed segments were designed to be easily replaced (Item 4 in the graphic below).  At least that was the theory.  But far too often it did not work out that way!  Too often the Allen screws would get stuck and you need to pull out a few tricks, cross your fingers, and hope the screws come out.  If not you end up removing and replacing the shaft, defeating the whole purpose.  Not to mention all the time wasted.

Old Half Moon Tire 20-108-13

Graphic shows the old Half Moon Tire 20-108-13

NO MORE!  Once you upgrade, your next roller replacement will stress-free like it was meant to be!  Better yet, you will love the new rubber.  And if you clean and rejuvenate the rollers regularly with S203 Rubber Cleaner Rejuvenator they will last longer.

If you’ve ever changed the rollers, chances are you not only stripped a few allens, but you probably dropped a few.  Then grabbed your trusty magnet tool to pluck it from the abyss only to find that it is not magnetic and will not stick.  Well swear no more! The new rollers come with heavier allen screws that not only, will not strip, but you can retrieve them with your magnet!  I should say, will not strip or get stuck, as long as you do not get a 500 pound gorilla to torque them down. So be reasonable and save yourself a ton of time and money.

There is a slight chance that you have a much older model that doesn’t have all the screw holes needed to attach the rollers.  But that is very unlikely.  You can check by sliding your current rollers over.  The holes should be spaced like the photo below.

If you have an older version, give us a call 866-471-6764 with your make and model number, we can order the new shaft for you.

For a limited time, enter the code discount code Docufeed to receive 10% off your order of 4 or more and get a free “Hex, T-Handle Cushion Grip, Hex Key” to help you install your new rollers! CLICK HERE to order 20-108-13D DF Replacement Split Roller, Half Moon Tire 20-108-13.  Don’t forget to get some S203 rubber cleaner rejuvenator to help you rollers grab better and last longer

Exact color and item may vary

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