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I replaced the 769-0 cartridge on my Pitney Bowes Personal Post E700 and it still says ” Low Ink Order Cartridge Soon “!?

Published: September 8, 2009

Your Pitney Bowes Personal Post meter does not actually read and measure the amount of ink in the 769-0 print cartridge.  It relies on you to reset the counter when you replace the cartridge.  It then starts a countdown based on your usage and maintenance cycles.

You may need to follow the installation program for a new ink cartridge without actually installing another cartridge.

To do this,
Press the Setup key once
Answer Yes to the next four questions to properly reset the ink count for the cartridge.

Because our 769-0 replacement cartridge contains more ink than the original you may find that you are prompted to replace the cartridge before the cartridge is empty!

Which brings us to another common question!

How do I clear the “Perform Printer Maintenance?” error message on my Personal Post E700 series meter?

This message may appear on the Personal Post E700 series meter even if you are not experiencing printing problems.  This message is to make sure you do not try to print postage when the ink supply is empty.

If the ink cartridge is installed and you have already performed an acceptable print test, press [No]. Or, if it displays a low ink message but the print is still good, press [No].

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