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Rena – Neopost DEMO Addressing Equipment Sale!

Published: March 9, 2018

Rena and Neopost Address Printers, Labelers, Tabers, Label Printers on Sale.

Call 866-430-2874 for more information or fill out the form to the left of this post.

All the equipment below comes with a 90 day warranty, the supplies to get you started, and technical support to get you up and running fast!

Envelope Imager 1.5100037496$5,193
Envelope Imager 1.5 PLUS100033359$5,564
Envelope Imager 2.5/Neopost AS 940100038332$7,455
Envelope Imager 3.0100039227$9,910
Envelope Imager 3.0 XT/AS-980100030518$9,625
EI 3.0 XT / Neopost AS-980100040473$9,625
EI MACH 5/AS-950100034664$9,375
EI MACH 5/AS-950100036564$9,375
EI MACH 5/AS-950100037465$9,375
EI MACH 5/AS-950100040430$9,375
EI MACH 5/AS-950100042066$9,375
HD CX 1600AL53011046D0$5,770
HD CX 1600AL6C062307F0$5,770
MACH X LABEL PRINTER100031611$6,091
MACH X LABEL PRINTER100036962$6,091
MACH X LABEL PRINTER100038655$6,091
RENA AS-150/AS-150100036441$4,263
RENA AS-150/AS-150100036609$4,263
RENA AS-150/AS-150100038805$4,263
RENA AS-150/AS-150100039679$4,263
RENA L-250 LABELER100038219$5,550
RENA L-350 LABELER100031259$5,969
RENA L-350 LABELER100031761$5,969
RENA T-250/TA-12100031741$3,409
RENA T-250/TA-12100032251$3,409
RENA T-250/TA-12100038907$3,409
RENA T-650/TA 25100037228$9,369
RENA T-750/TA-20100041436$9,338
RENA T-950/TA 30100030875$13,075

Rena Parts for the mailing equipment listed above can be purchased online from Supplies For Mailers

Addressing ink for every mailing job can be found in the addressing ink section.  And you will find great prices on postal tabs / wafer seals for every make and model tabber.

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