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Rena Introduces 3 new Addressing Systems! AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850

Published: September 13, 2019

The best thing about these new Rena AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850 printers is the fact that the engineers listened to the end-users and technicians

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New Touchscreen Control Panel and GUI on the Rena AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850

The new interface of the AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850 is simple and easy to navigate, therefore setup is faster and easier than ever. Errors are clearly displayed to eliminate the guesswork. If you need more help, just hit the life-preserver in the upper right corner for more information. The old display and menu system wasn’t bad, but the new touchscreen and menu system is 100 times better and easier to understand.

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The Rena AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850 Introduce New and Improved Ways to Connect to your Address Printer

Now you can cut the cable! Introducing Wi-Fi on all 3 printers. If you know how to connect your phone to Wi-Fi at home, then consider the printers touchscreen your phone. You will be able to connect it to the Wi-Fi. For a faster connection, you can connect it to your network via the ethernet port. The easiest option and the fastest way to set them is will be the USB 3.0 port.

Better Printers like, Need Better Inks

New smarter inks have been developed for the Rena AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850. For instance, the printers know which ink you have installed in the pen slot. It then automatically makes a few adjustments to the pen to optimize it for that ink. Therefore, you can mix and match if needed! So if you need UV Ink (EASYInk UltraUV ASINKHPUUV) in one slot and Invisible Ink – (EASYInk Invisible ASINKHPINV) in another, it’s not a problem. Insert them and the printer will optimize the settings for you!  Click here to see the full line of new inks designed for the Rena AS-450, AS-650, and AS-850. Please note! The new printers only work with the new inks and will not work with the older inks. And the older printers will not work with the new inks.

Below are some samples of what you can do with a Rena AS-850. The AS-650 would have 1 less print height and the AS-450 would have 4 inches of print height.

Mechanical Improvements

One of my favorite improvements was how the head height thickness was handled. In some older models, the head height was largely electrical and over time the rheostats would fail. Causing the heads to bounce around or not adjust at all. All the electronics of the height adjustment are gone! Replaced with a reliable mechanical adjustment system. In conclusion, it’s nice when a mailing equipment company listens to end-users and technicians!

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