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Used Omation Model 2112 Envelope Opener Letter Opener


This compact unit provides medium volumes of inbound mail with automation via its milling cutter technology – similar to what OMATION’s 306 enveloper uses.

Omation’s 2112 Envelopener provides reliable technology to handle mid-sized mail opening jobs with its compact unit automating mailrooms with medium volumes of mail, using milling technology similar to that found in its 306 counterpart. Businesses and government agencies alike have relied upon Omation envelopeners for years, and this economical option for automated envelope removal offers proven results.

The machine can remove chips up to.01 inches (0.25 mm-1.79 mm) thick from envelope edges. Additionally, the 2112 is capable of handling both first-class mail and overnight letter packages up to 0.188″ (4.80 mm).

The Omation 2112 represents the latest in envelope opening technology. Features include:

  • Milling Cutter – protects contents from paper cuts, minimizes waste and reduces waste
  • Cut depth lever: Two cut-depth settings, and no-cut for envelope counting
  • Opens envelopes at up to 400 per minute
  • Chip tray indicator light
  • Self-adjusting advanced feeder for efficient mixed-mail opening


Omation’s Model 2112 Envelopener utilizes high-speed milling technology similar to its larger Envelopener Model 306, preventing contents from being cut into slices while producing a soft feathered border – this provides an obvious advantage over slicing-blade or guillotine cutters which often damage contents while their sharp edges cause paper cuts and in some cases cause injury.

Model 2112 creates small chips rather than larger strips, which are then collected and automatically dumped into a large-capacity chip tray, keeping your workspace free from jams.

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