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Rena L-326 Tabber – Labeler

Back in the day the Rena L-326 Tabber – Labeler – Stamp Applier:

The L-326 was a fast and unique multipurpose machine! However, as of 2005 you can no longer most of the critical parts, like the sensors, clutch, brake, o-ring. About the only thing you can get for it is the Feed roller (aftermarket) and separators. Because of this, we will not buy back the L-326 or it’s older sibling the L-325 and we do not recommend¬†you purchase a used one. Unless you already have one and need one for parts.

If you are looking to replace a L326 or l325 consider one of the following machines that, as of the time of writing this, are still in production.

The Easiest, Most Efficient Way To Label And Tab Your Mailpiece.

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