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Rena Imager III Envelope Imaging System

Rena Imager III High Speed Tabletop Imaging System

Putting Floor Model Features Speed Right On Your Desktop

Consider the Rena Imager III a cousin of the Secap 30K or SA5300 PRO.  The main difference is this unit offers vacuum assist and an extended transport system.  While the other 2 count on bruit strength to pull the product out of the feeder before it hits the product sensor.  The Rena Imager III uses vacuum assistance and elongated transport.  Set up correctly this unit handles longer products with ease which sometimes gives the other units difficulty when not set up perfectly.  If you want to see the evolution of the Rena Imager III, see the newer Rena Envelop Imager XT 3.0 and Imager XT4.0.  If you want even more vacuum and software features see the Accufast P8 and PMx

  • Full-featured addressing/imaging system built for speed.
  • 3″ print area from dual 1.5″ independent print modules.
  • Prints addresses, attention line, and postal barcodes, return addresses and an indicia on mailpieces at the same time!
  • Address Postcards, Envelopes, Self-mailers, Flats, and Booklets Upto 1/2″ thick.
  • AccuTrak vacuum transport system for on-point registration.
  • Welded unibody steel frame is built to last.
  • Production speed of over 30,000 postcards per hour.
  • Production rates of 25,000 #10 envelopes per hour.
  • Configurations with our class-leading AF-500 feeder are available.
  • Hewlett Packard print technology – Uses standard HP C8842A fast dry cartridges.
  • Choose any TrueType fonts, or from our 12 internal scalable fonts.
  • Prints graphics, logos, and signatures on the fly!

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