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Refurbished Neopost HT-30 Tabber Rena T-950

Neopost HT-30 Tabber Stamp Applier aka Rena T-950

The Neopost HT-30 Tabber Stamp Applier aka Rena T-950 refuses to disappoint users when it comes to promising and delivering smooth high-speed results at up to 35,000 per hour!

Engineered for reliability and speed, the Neopost HT-30 and Rena T-950 can last for 120 million addresses over the course of five years. In other words, your organization can produce a total of two million wafer sealed or stamped mailers per month. This refurbished unit comes with the standard 30 day warranty that can be extended up to a year!

While the competition will rock and vibrate and hum, but the HT-30 / Rena T-950 runs with minimal noise and shaking. This also means it will operate with no fuss; users can expect a system that will provide the tabbing they need without shaking parts loose and self-destructing.

This unique system can apply up to three tabs in a single pass and can even apply multiple stamps, and with a precision. The Neopost HT-30 and Rena T -950 will adjust to accommodate material up to 1/2” in thickness. This unique tabber is unmatched in delivering exceptional results for busy environments.

Standard Features:


  • Apply clear, translucent, or paper tabs, or postage stamps
  • Can handle materials at least 3” x 5” all the way to 13” x 17” and ensures the job gets completed. Material thickness can reach up to 1/2”

Fast and Accurate

  • Apply up to 24,000 roll labels pieces in an hour’s time or 36,000 wafer seals

Accurate Control and Diagnostic Systems

  • It’s LCD display promotes convenience for users by providing a job count and quick help diagnose fault codes

Optional Features


  • Apply fan folded labels with optional fan-folded label holder

Stacking Device

  • Creates neat and organized piles naturally to ensure efficiency in the workroom environment with an optional conveyor

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