Types of Mailing Equipment


Refurbished AFM80ST Stamp Applier


The All For Mailers Inc. AFM80ST Stamp Applier and Single Tabber brings a new level of affordability to applying postage stamps!

Used All For Mailers Postage Stamp Applier and Tabber

Apply up to 4,800 USPS Postage Stamps per hour to #10 Envelopes!  Smaller postcards and envelopes will run even faster, while larger ones will run slower.

Unlike brand new units, these units may vary by color and stickers but all units have been refurbished to bring them back up to specification and allow us to warranty them!   Because they are previously owned they often have scratches and dents from the previous owner and the shipping process.  For more detail and specifications see All For Mailers AFM80ST Stamp Applier.


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