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Quadient DS-40i Folder Inserter Refurbished

Simplify Your Document Process with a DS-40i Inserter

A smart, versatile solution to meet your mailing needs.
Effective customer communication is a vital cornerstone of your business. That’s why a speedy and efficient mailing process is an absolute must-have. Enter the DS-40i folder inserter – the game-changer that automates mail processing, slashing hours down to mere minutes! Ditch those time-consuming manual processes and redirect your resources towards more valuable tasks. Revolutionize your workflow!

Flexible Document Feeding
Discover the versatility of the DS-40i as it gracefully handles an array of documents – from invoices and statements to inserts and envelopes. Rest easy knowing that its double-feeding detection ensures each envelope contains the correct number of documents. Elevate your communications with three folding choices: letter fold, single fold, or double parallel fold – for a touch of professional finesse.

User-Friendly System
The DS-40i features a user-friendly 5-inch color touchscreen that ensures effortless operation. With the integration of wizard-based software, programming, settings adjustment, and job execution become a seamless experience. Let the software be your guide, leading you through each step with ease.

Design Versatility
Experience the lightning-fast efficiency of the DS-40i, surpassing manual processes by tenfold. With its unwavering reliability and user-friendly design, you’ll breeze through tasks effortlessly. Seamlessly access the entire paper path, thanks to its office-friendly design. Get ready to conquer your workload like never before!

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