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Why does my Pitney Bowes MailStation cartridge (797-M) run out so fast?

Published: August 18, 2009

The problem you are experiencing is common with the newer digital postage meters and not just a the mailstation™, K700, or mailstation 2™, K7M0 or their cartridges 797-0, 797-Q, 797-M.

Almost all of the newer postage meters work a lot like your typical inkjet printer.  When you start up your inkjet, it needs to clean it’s print cartridge, which uses up ink in the process, by firing ink through the print head nozzles.  They often will do a cleaning cycle before starting a print job, and many have a built in timer to tell the printer to clean the printhead after a specified time goes by, which uses.  So you may notice, even if you have not printed any postage for a few months, you may still run low on ink!

Now some have tried turning the mackine off and unplugging it when they know it will not be in use for a span of time.  Yes this will keep it from using ink but it causes other problems!  So please do not unplug the unit! If it sits unplugged it can not maintain the printhead, which results in the ink drying on the head and clogs the nozzles.  They you get poor print quality or even worse, you may need to have a technician replace the print head assembly.  Your unit may also need to check in via the phone line, every so often.

The best solution is to buy a high quality replacement meter cartridge that

  • Has more ink in it to start with
  • Has good ink in it so it does not clog your print head with low quality ink .
  • Costs less money
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty just like the origional and gauranteed not to damage your postage meter!

Pitney Bowes 797-0 Replacement CartridgeAnd here is were you can find them!

For more compatible postage meter ink cartridges click here.

*Pitney Bowes and their machines and cartridges are regiatered traidmarks of Pitney Bowes Inc.

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