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Walco VF200 High Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder

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The Walco VF200 high-speed commercial vacuum friction feeder is the kind of machine that is built for a single resolute purpose, and which, when it comes to that purpose, destroys the competition. When you need to reach the most customers or contacts possible, you know that there are few better ways to accomplish that than through a large scale mail campaign. However, preparing a huge number of documents for mailing can be an arduous process: it often involves processing, inserting, sorting, and many other steps. If you don’t have the right equipment for the job, then you’re in for a massive headache. The VF200 is one of the most effective solutions for such a problem, allowing you to process even large bulk jobs with thousands of pieces in no time at all.

In order to be effective, a large mailing campaign also has to be original and innovative. Walco understands that you’re not always just going to be stuffing the same paper into the same size envelopes. That’s why the VF-200 grows with your creativity, allowing you the flexibility you need to accommodate a large range of media sizes. You can work with envelopes or bags, calendars, even jewel cases for digital media; the VF200 is prepared to handle them all.

Want the ultimate in production!? Check out the Walco VF200AL that includes an Autoloader!

NO other feeder is built to last like a Walco!

What’s best about the VF200, however, is how easily it slots into your existing business. Unlike other brands which are only compatible with certain machines, the Walco doesn’t use proprietary components, which means you can pair it with almost any other machine you own. Seamlessly slot the VF-200 right into your existing setup and it’ll quickly become one of the most stress-free upgrades you’ve ever performed.


  • Two 50 inch long, 2.5 inch wide belts provide you the surface you need for any demanding task.
  • Guides within the feed flow allow you to customize the feed process to your own needs.
  • Vacuum control and variable speed allow you to adjust the pace and power of the VF200 to exactly what the job demands, every time.
  • Massive steel rollers handle virtually any campaign you can dream up.
  • The gear drive motor is built with high torque in mind, so you’ll never find yourself wanting power when you need it most.
  • With a one year warranty, you can rest assured the VF200 will meet or exceed your expectations.

Walco VF-200 Technical Specs

  • Handles minimum size materials of 3 x 5 inches, and maximum size of 19.5 by 28 inches, up to an inch in thickness.
  • Dry contact low-voltage interlock comes standard.
  • Control the power, feed, speed, job, and vacuum all from one panel.
  • Works with a standard 110 volt 10 amp circuit.
  • Measures 24 inches long by 33-36 inches high, and 23.5 inches wide.

The video below shows the Walco VF200AL flying through coated postcards in landscape orientation. The VF200AL includes an autoloader to maximize productivity!


Click on any link to view more videos:

VF200 Setup Demonstration   (Perfect Bound Paperback Books)

Mail and Print Demonstrations:

VF200/655VT   (Paper Sheets)

VF200/655VT   (Thin Paperback Books)

VF200/655VT   (20 Pound Sheets)

VF-200/655VT   (Wide Card Stock)

VF-200/655VT   (Newspaper Insert Advertisement)

VF-200/655VT-28W Wide Belt Option   (80 Pound Cover Sheets)

VF-200/655VT-28W Plow Fold   (Half-Fold Card)

VF200/355TA/655VT-28W/655VT-28W/655VT-28W Dual Plow Fold   (Paper Bi-Fold Brochure)


VF-200 Packaging Demonstrations:

VF200/655PK   (Heavy Card Folder with Insert)

VF200/655PK   (Long Printed Paper Bags)

VF200/655PK   (Corrugated Boxes)

VF200/655PK   (Long Paper Bags)

VF200/655PK   (Foil Bags with Vacuum Valve)

VF200/655PK   (Plastic Zipper Seal Bags)

VF200/655PK   (Paper Gift Wrap Sheets)

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MSRP $8,160 Call for a Quote