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When assembling a large-scale array for handling your mailing operations, it can be too easy to overlook some of the most critical components in your setup. Everyone knows you need quality feeders, inserters, printers, and so on to get good results. However, what about the conveyors? These act as the roadways between the nodes of your system, and without them, you’re getting nowhere fast. That’s where Walco variable speed conveyors come in. Walco’s commitment to superlative manufacturing means they put as much care into their conveyers as any of the other primary components of an industrial mailing operation.

These conveyors are built with a high torque capacity, which means they can stand up to the most rigorous use you can ask of them. Whether you’re running a small operation with relatively low volume, or a high volume operation that demands you run your conveyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at high speeds, these machines will hold up.

The durability is only part of the story, however. These conveyors are meant to fit smartly into any existing mailing operation setup. That means that they’re flexible and customizable enough to adapt to your demands in addition to their dependability. The straight drive systems on these conveyors are configured to accept signals from elsewhere in your chain, such as the printer or feeder. When the conveyer gets that signal, it can automatically adjust its speed accordingly so that you’re always running at the appropriate speed for any given stage of the process without having to change it yourself manually.

Anyone who has done mailing operations knows how critical this can be. The ability to control speed means you can maintain better control over each piece during the most vital parts of the operation, such as printing, drying, and inserting.

various sized Walco Conveyors

Walco Variable Speed Conveyor Features

  • Walco Systems base units like printers can control the device with automatic signals. You can also control it manually as a stand-alone unit if you prefer.
  • Adjustable speed adapts to any job.
  • 3-inch belts are adjustable and lack seams, so you get the smoothest operation possible.
  • End caps are shingling style, with cutout.
  • You can adjust the conveyor height from 29.5 to 33.5 inches to fit almost any setup.
  • A durable powder coat finish only adds to the sleek appearance and durability.
  • 4 caster mobility makes this conveyer adaptable to any space and easy to change on the fly.
  • Leveling screws ensure that the conveyer runs perfectly level, no matter what surface you’re working on.
  • Heavy Duty gear drive motor is built to last.


  • Straight-away delivery kit
  • Stand-alone motor control and speed control modules
  • Printer integration so the conveyer can speed up during easy parts of the operation.


  • All heights adjustable from 29.5 inches to 33.5 inches
  • 1200VSC: 10 feet x 15.5 inch width
  • 960VSC: 8 feet x 15.5 inch width
  • 720VSC: 6 feet x 15.5 inch width
  • 480VSC: 4 feet x 15.5 inch width

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