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Transports are often the lynchpin of your mailing operations. This means you shouldn’t skimp out on these crucial components. Walco Vacuum transport systems are built for maximum durability to survive even round-the-clock use in high-volume operations. They’re also flexible and can meet any size demand your business can throw at it, with 24, 35, 42, 65.6, and 96-inch length models available. You can start small to fit your current needs or go large with room to upgrade later; the choice is yours.

The use of vacuums on these transport systems dramatically expands the reliability and accuracy of their operation. It ensures you can use them with almost any materials, no matter how innovative your mailing campaigns become. With full-frame construction and industrial bearings, these machines are built to last, with Walco’s total commitment to quality built into every model. Walco is so confident in the dependability and utility of these transport systems they offer an industry-leading warranty of one year on each of them.

Walco offers several different sized Vacuum Transport bases


  • All transport systems are equipped with variable speeds for best-in-class adaptability.
  • Belts are adjustable to increase the modular flexibility
  • Independent vacuum controls (on the 655 and 350 models) enable you to adjust the vacuum to meet the needs of many different materials
  • Adjustable infeed guides expand the range of materials you can work with
  • Vacuum belts use “thru-belt” technology for the best results
  • Feeder Interlock Switch (on the 655 and 350) models lets your transports pick up signals from feeders and adjust to the workflow on the fly
  • Integrated VSC conveyer controls (on the 655 and 350) models ensure that your transports work seamlessly with the other components in your setup
  • Industrial bearings in our 12-inch wide transport rollers and full-frame construction provide robust durability


  • “Speed Following” system lets you control all components in your Walco System from one control panel.
  • Monitor and Keyboard compatibility, with an accumulating platform large enough to accommodate them

Technical Specs

  • All Models can handle a minimum material size of 2 x 3 inches, or a maximum width of 20 inches
  • All transport models can function in either directional orientation: left to right or right to left
  • All models can accommodate up to an inch of thickness
  • All models use a standard 110 CAV 10 amp circuit (single phase)


  • All units are height adjustable between 33 and 36 inches
  • 240VT: 24”L x 23.5”W
  • 350VT: 35”L x 23.5”W
  • 420VT: 42″L x 23.5″W
  • 655VT: 65.6”L x 23.5”W
  • 960VT: 96″L x 23.5″W

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