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Walco Combo Feed and Transport Systems

When you’re building an effective mailing operation, you always want to be certain to give appropriate attention to each piece of the operation chain. If any one unit is subpar, then the overall quality of your output will be compromised. This goes not just for major units like feeders but also for your transport systems. Walco Systems understands this, and that’s why they’ve recently developed a combination of “Feed and Transport Systems,” which combine the feeding and transporting parts of the operation into a single affordable unit.

When you purchase a system like this, there are several advantages. First of all, a Walco combination system will save you a great deal of money on set-up costs and the time it takes to build your overall operation. Secondly, the running of your operation will be greatly simplified, with two of the most critical components contained within a single operation.

The Walco 655VFT incorporates the VF200 vacuum feeder and the Walco 420 transport system. This heavy-duty unit slots right into your mailing operation setup and provides optimum performance for both uses.

The VFS200, by contrast, blends the VF200 vacuum feeder with a simpler five-foot vacuum transport system. This is more suitable for smaller operations that want to benefit from a combo system but don’t have the kind of volume or innovative or unusual mailing materials that would benefit from the 420 transport system.

The bottom line is that either system would make an excellent addition to your operational setup. When you need to pay such careful attention to each component you use, it makes sure to buy a combo unit from a supplier like Walco, which provides best in class construction and durability with every machine they produce.

Maximize productivity and add an autoloader to the system!  Walco VF200AL High-Speed Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder With Auto Loader

Walco 655VFT Vacuum Friction Feeder with Built In Transport Print System

Walco 655VFT Vacuum Friction Feeder with Built-In Transport shown with conveyor and print system and keyboard and monitor stand

Walco WalcoSpecifications

  • Minimum material size of 3 x 5 inches, can handle sizes up to 28 x 19.5 inches easily.
  • 1-inch maximum thickness for materials
  • Uses a dry contact low voltage interlock for safe operation and for easy linkage and interlock with other components within the system
  • Uses a standard 110 VAC single phase 10 amp circuit for ease of use and installation.


  • 655VFT: 65.5 inches long by 23.5 inches wide, height adjustable from 33 to 36 inches.
  • VFS200: 85.5 inches long, with a width of 23.5 inches and an adjustable height ranging from 33 to 36 inches.

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