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Walco 575ITO Inline Turnover

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Don’t stop production  just to turn the product over and run the other side.  The Walco 575ITO Inline Turnover offers a simple cost effective solution to dual sided applications.  This machine easily flips medium without any set-up!  Simply run the product down the middle of the belts and it comes out the other end flipped over and ready for the next machine.  Uncompromising robust construction and easy belt change will minimize maintenance downtime.  Made with Pride in the USA of non-proprietary components, so you won’t break the bank just to make a simple repair.  With it’s sealed shaft locking collar bearings and large diameter steel shafts, it will probably be years before any repairs are needed.


  • Output from 1 tabber, flip it with the Walco 575ITO Inline Turnover, into another tabber to get the opposite side tabbed, then out to address printer.
  • Address one side, flip it over and add a custom message to the opposite side.
  • Tab 1 edge, flip it, tab the opposite edge, turn it with the Walco 200RT and tab the 3rd side, then out to the address printer.  4 possible production lines, turned into 1 with ease by the Walco 575ITO Inline Turnover!

Walco 575ITO Inline Turnover Features

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Non-Proprietary Components = You won’t get raked over the coals if anything ever breaks
  • Variable Speed Transport

Walco’s Uncompromising Drivetrain

  • Large Diameter Steel Shafts
  • Steel Drive Pulleys
  • Steel Rollers
  • Sealed Shaft Locking Collar Bearings
  • Made with pride in the USA

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