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Walco 200RT Right Turn – Turnover System

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Walco has done it again by stunning mailing professionals and overcoming competitors with the creation of the 200RT Right Turn – Turnover System. This machine is designed to target a very specific but fundamental need in the mailing room by flipping documents while retaining their orientation but at a right angle. As simple as that sounds, this is a process that involves sophisticated algorithms and motors and Walco is the one to get it done.

The reasoning behind a 200RT Right Turn system is that mailing rooms often experience cramped environments which consist of heavy machinery at various angles and locations. The 200RT solves a very big problem by granting operations the flexibility they desperately need to increase line operations and raise productivity. The 200RT can attach to multiple devices and hardware configurations to give enterprise-level solutions to even the most convoluted hardware configurations.

Despite the performance and innovative output, the 200RT could not possibly be simpler to install. Standard-sized sheets are justified in the center of the machine ensuring that nothing complicated will be expected from operators. This enables the 200RT to perform no matter who is in charge of the mailing environment and will reduce the requirement for supervision, boosting productivity and saving money at the same time.

Walco 240 Right Turn system

Walco 240 Right Turn system


The 200RT is designed from engineering principles that Walco has embodied for the entirety of its rich history. From part to program, the 200RT is designed with a strict adherence to rigid structural integrity and convenient maintenance to give operations the absolute best option for flipping their documents and turning them at a right angle. It really doesn’t get any better than this for the specific purpose of making a document go in a different direction.

Standard Features:

Materials Supported

  • The 200RT handles materials in the following size: 6″L, 8.5-20″W

Material Thickness

  • Need thick paperwork dealt with? The 200RT will handle anything from 20 to 100 count sheets

Simple and Precise

  • It’s easy to set up a machine that flips paperwork and turns it at a right angle

For the Common Good

  • The 200RT utilizes standard off-the-shelf components to ensure repairs and modifications are easy and convenient

Rugged Build-Quality

  • Can’t go wrong with the 200RT; it makes jobs easy with steel drive pulleys and rollers linked to sealed shaft locking collar bearings

Adjustable Performance

  • Whether slow or fast, the 200RT will do it; the box employs variable transporting speed settings to match your productivity needs

Commonly used with a Walco 240BT Bump Turn System(Opens in a new browser tab) or Rena XPS-PROTAB 4.0 TABBING SYSTEM


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