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Straight Shooter SA-5 Servo Attaching Feeder


Straight Shooter listened to the requests of the mailing industry by delivering the SA-5 Servo Attaching Feeder. This device is bringing innovations and refinements to the mailing room by incorporating a compact design for an inexpensive attaching solution that can match heavy workloads and execute jobs with minimal fuss and erased clutter.

This is a machine that is meant for the mailing facility with a challenging layout. The SA-5, simply put, is a machine that will go where no other machines can go. Its compact footprint and simplified design mean you can deploy it on a seemingly endless variety of transport bases.

The SA-5 incorporates the latest in mailing technology. It features an advanced servo-motor system which provides pinpoint-precision accuracy for positioning documents while a color monitor is provided to give total control over even the finest aspects of output.

Naturally, a device as advanced as the SA-5 will meet the specific material needs of even the most atypical mailing workloads. The Straight Shooter SA-5 is capable of integrating one or two cards, various magnets, or a wide variety of media options while operating at speeds up to around a whopping 25,000 units per hour. This ensures that even if your job provides you the most unexpected challenges, the SA-5 will be ready and capable of enduring the work and performing with exceptional results.

Straight Shooter incorporates their patented Buckle Separation technology into the SA-5 to give it the leading edge on competing for feeder machines. This innovative solution makes every other machine seem slow and obsolete. What it does is it separates documents with precision without subjecting them to unnecessary movements and procedures which could otherwise result in damaging materials and costing operations valuable time and money. With everything combined the Straight Shooter is definitely the king of the hill when it comes to compact feeders that are expected to perform gruesome workloads.

Standard Features:

Exceptional Media Support

  • Takes control of media ranging in size from 2” x 2” up to 5” x 12” with a maximum thickness of 1/4″

Fast Results

  • The SA-5 will process a maximum volume of 25,000 single cards in an hour

Accuracy Matters

  • The operational threshold for accuracy is tight on the SA-5; it can deliver within 1/8 of an inch

High-Quality Display

  • A colorized touch screen provides access to adjustments and diagnostics for both new and experienced operators

Rugged Runner

  • Delivers products quickly thanks to a high-speed servo motor that also has an advanced controller

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