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Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Feeder

Feed Faster with the Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Friction Feeder

Independently adjustable separators and easy to change belts make the Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Feeder one of the fastest and friendliest friction feeders on the market today.  It’s compatible with a wide range of mailroom equipment, making it perfect for any high-demand mailroom.

Make Your Mailroom Faster

The Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Feeder may be a one-trick pony, but the trick it does is vital to your mailroom’s functionality.  You’ll never again be left waiting for a print job to finish because your feeder is just too slow, or forced to pay an employee to babysit the stack of blank pages to feed into your mailroom equipment with a friction feeder this fast!  The straight feeding Straight Shooter R-14 is capable of feeding a blazing 40,000 postcards per hour into other mailroom equipment such as inkjet printers, tabbing machines, folders, laminators and even labeling and addressing machines.

Rear belt guides make it even easier to reposition belts on the fly, allowing you to change media without losing time.  Straight Shooter’s innovative Buckle Separation gives you up to three adjustable separators to ensure your print job keeps running without binding or jamming.  The even wider format lets you feed even wider material than any Straight Shooter Feeder in the past.

Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Feeder

The Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Feeder may be the fastest, widest friction feeder you’ve ever seen, but those aren’t its only charms.  Take a look at these additional features:

  • Feed belts are adjustable on the go.
  • Three independently adjustable separators.
  • Feeds 40,000 postcards per hour.
  • Extra wide feeder can handle up to 14 inches of material.

When you’re ready to feed faster, straighter and more pages per hour, you’re ready for the Straight Shooter R-14 High Speed Feeder.

Straight Shooter R-14 Specifications

Media HandlingWidth: 3” minimum up to 14” maximum
Length: 2” minimum up to 17” maximum
Thickness: Single sheet up to 3/8” thick
SpeedsUp to 40,000 postcards per hour
Power120 vac, 5 amp standard, (240 optional)
Available interlocksDry contact, 12 vdc,
24 vdc, 24 vac. Others upon request.
Dimensions17” wide x 17” long
Weight40 lbs



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