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Straight Shooter P-9 Inserter Feeder

The primary request most mailing professionals ask for in a machine is simplicity. They want industry standard features but with versatility, reliability, performance, and at a low cost so that the bottom line is always considered. Straight Shooter answers the demand by delivering the powerful P-9 Inserter Feeder. This device is engineered from the ground up to provide businesses and organizations quick and simple document processing so that no job is left with a loss of time and energy.

The P-9 Inserter ensures a versatile and enhanced series of production runs which can handle even the toughest materials. The P-9 is a sure remedy against the stress of managing magnets, folding mailing items, booklets with staples, and even plastic bags. These are capabilities that are normally reserved for significantly more expensive systems, but the P-9 remains affordable by being built precisely to the specifications of maximum productivity and reliability without any superficial details.

On that note, it’s essential to point out how the P-9 Inserter utilizes many innovative design qualities such as paper guides and portability. The entire P-9 machine can be easily relocated to fit the needs of your working environment.

The P-9 is capable of fitting on a swing-arm inserter without any trouble at all which should be a relieving feature for operational facilities with challenging and innovative layouts. The Straight Shooter P-9 also makes use of unique acceleration mechanisms that deliver pieces with intense speed and precise separation, putting the device in a league entirely of its own.

Paper guide extensions are also incorporated into the design. Straight Shooter engineers solved the problem of complicated photo eye adjustments and extraneous components by ensuring documents are guided directly to the gripper.

All things considered, the Straighter Shooter P-9 Inserter is a machine that will be welcomed warmly by professionals who know that simplicity is as important as reliability and performance.

Standard Features:

Extreme Compatibility

  • Straight Shooter feeders such as the P-9 are widely recognized for feeding challenging materials such as plastic bags, folded mail, booklets with staples, and more

Engineering Innovation

  • The P-9 accelerator section is a unique solution to deliver pieces quickly and with clean separation

Directed Towards Success

  • Patented paper guiding extensions ensure documents head exactly to the gripper, eradicating unnecessary components and photo eye calibrations

Media Compatibility

  • Handles widths from 2.5” x 2” up to a maximum of 9” x 11” and a total sheet thickness of 1/4″

Optional Features:

Demand Mode

  • Offers support for collators or additional inserter feeding setups

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