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Straight Shooter LF-12 High Speed Laser Printer Feeder

Straight Shooter once again brings desirable innovation to the art of friction feeding by producing the LF-12 High Speed Laser Printer Feeder. This integrated system revolutionizes the mailing industry by incorporating distinct features such as Straight Shooter’s patented Buckle Separation technology and a virtually endless amount of belt and separator adjustments. This means users of every background and sense of expectation will achieve desirable results without having to waste time and money on securing superfluous machinery or attachments to do a job the LF-12 is capable of handling in and of itself.

Designed with the art of advanced computational science, the LF-12 incorporates a premiere set of algorithms that take the form of the programmable logic controller which enables exceptional speeds for laser printing. It’s integrated with an LCD screen and impressive button array that allows both neophytes and experts alike to drive the system all the way to a bonafide mailing success story.

One of the most notable aspects of the LF-12 is how it incorporates the legendary Buckle Separation technology that Straight Shooter pioneered. With this system, the machine can produce documents that are clean and organized without wasting time and money on irregular cuts and misshapen output. Simple and clean but rugged and mean, the Straight Shooter LF-12 is going to get business done the way it used to be done back in the old days when dogged gumption and rolled-sleeve can-do attitudes were the golden standard for high production yields and respecting the bottom line.

Standard Features:

Fast and Affordable

  • A quality form-factor and careful engineering enables a production run of 10,000 envelopes in a single hour without having to break the bank

Mastery of Media

  • The LF-12 can utilize sizes from 3” x 5” up to 12” x 18” and can process sheets as thick as 3/8”

Patented Technology

  • Straight Shooter incorporates their Buckle Separation technology to create even cuts and clean output while minimizing potential damage to your materials

Rugged and Dependable

  • A heavy-duty construction consisting of solid high-quality paper guides that extend the entire length of the feeding system means your machine will get it done right and last for a long time

Even More Ruggedness

  • The reliability doesn’t stop at the feeding device; the LF-12 incorporates top-shelf shafts and refined bearings for longevity that will not disappoint

Flexibility for Tough Jobs

  • Users can adjust the feeding belts by repositioning them as needed to create a large number of opportunities for custom media

Even More Flexibility

  • Independent Adjustable Separators provide nearly endless configuration options while the LF-12 can accept as many separators and belts as needed for the demands of the job

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