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Straight Shooter D-12E Demand Feeder

Straight Shooter provides the industry some of the most notable examples of honest and simple engineering, and the D-12E Demand Feeder is the latest example of their devices crafted for demanding mailing markets. The D-12E provides you access to single shot or continuous feeding applications and utilizes the famous Straight Shooter Buckle Separation technology to enhance the safety and reliability of its product output.

With fully repositionable feeding belts and constructed separators, the D-12E is going to ensure your business or organization has a simple and affordable answer for packaging applications. It even comes equipped with an adjustable angle table that accelerates the product towards the direction you need to create endless opportunities for streamlining productivity. The machine also excels at minimizing waste by ensuring no unnecessary movements are involved in the feeding behaviour of its operations.

Straight Shooter is famous for their adjustable paper guides and repositionable belt concepts, and the D-12E is a fine example of their methodology. Users can expect an unmatched level of versatility and operational control when producing documents. Angle adjustments with reduced complexity are available to permit operators the convenience and luxury of creating a nearly endless number of customized applications. If you need to match the D-12E to collators and binderies, simply adjust the machine downward. You need quick and efficient ink jetting? Set the D-12E to a flat surface and your job is as simple as that. Altogether, the D-12E is going to make certain your efforts are rewarded with a highly valuable product at the lowest cost possible.

Standard Features:

Fast and Reliable

  • Gets it all done by producing a total number of 40,000 postcard per hour

Full Support

  • Can tackle media ranging in dimension from 3” x 2” all the way to a notable 12” x 17” while single sheet thickness tops out at 3/8”

A True Team Player

  • The D-12E is perfect for feeding into collators, plow folders, bindery equipment, tabbing machines, shrink wrap devices, and numerous other examples of industry-standard equipment

Exclusive Innovations

  • Utilizes Straight Shooter’s unique Buckle Separation technology for clean and accurate operations


  • Repositionable belts and multiple adjustable separators create opportunities for multiple forms of output

Committed To Success

  • Dedicated paper guides get your product where it needs to go

Advanced Technology

  • Accelerated table means gaps are provided between documents to ensure the photo eye detection systems are fast and reliable

Reliability and Convenience

  • The D-12E allows operators to change belts easily, meaning the job will always get done no matter how demanding production gets

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