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Straight Shooter C-20 Wide Format Feeder

As a company, Straight Shooter lives up to its name in delivering high-performance products without frills or superfluous aspects. The C-20 Wide Format Feeder slots right into the center of their philosophical commitment to performance and excellence at a competitive price. This machine is recognized for having revolutionary features such as enhanced buckle separation and repositionable feeding belts. The C-20 can offer more to your business for less expense than competing machines while delivering performance that is unmatched in terms of simplicity and speed.

The C-20 sought innovation with its design principle by expanding its size to incorporate wide high-speed friction feeding. This means the C-20 can provide substantially more feeding for your hard-earned money than competing machinery. Best of all, the C-20 is equipped with a flexible system of parts that allow multiple adjustments to ensure that no matter how complicated a job gets the C-20 will be set up to match and exceed it.

Nobody should feel frustrated having to produce mailing product for their business or organization, and Straight Shooter understands this feeling and heeded the call with the C-20. It incorporates patented belt integration that allows individuals to perform belt changes in five minutes. Even better, the C-20 permits a fast setup that doesn’t require any tools. When a machine can be used by both newcomers and experienced mailing professionals you can be certain your productivity will soar to new heights.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Straight Shooter C-20 Wide Format Feeder is found in its exclusive Buckle Separation Technology. To put it simply, this technology is a revolutionary technique to help separate documents. Older and other competing systems rely on a high-friction nipping point to do the same job, but the C-20 bypasses the need for this kind of device entirely and ensures smoother feeding without jamming or damaging the product in the process.

Standard Features:

Get It Done Quick

  • Need bulk mail to be sent ASAP? The C-20 will produce 40,000 postcards in a single hour

Flexible Media Options

  • Can load media sizes from 3”x 2” all the way to an impressive 20” x 17” and handles single sheets as thick as 3/8”

Variety of Settings

  • With four independent separators and numerous feeding belts, the C-20 can be adjusted to provide a nearly unlimited number of setup options

Optional Features:

Adjustable floor or table stand

  • Provides security and flexible positioning for the C-20

Card Option

  • With this option, the C-20 gains the flexibility to handle small media

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