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Straight Shooter C-12 Continuous feeder Mail Sorting Equipment aka Rena C120

Make Your Mail Equipment Do More With the Straight Shooter C-12 or Rena C120 Continuous Feeder

Everything’s better with accessories and the right mail sorting equipment for the job, even more so when it comes to mail equipment.  When you can expand the functionality of your expensive Rena envelope printer by simply adding a Straight Shooter C-12 Continuous Feeder or Rena C120, what’s not to love?

The Straight Shooter C-12 Continuous Feeder and Rena C-120 Does More in Less Time

If you have regular batches of irregular media that need to be addressed, it can be a huge time waster to have to sort it into stacks by width before you can send it through your mail equipment.  The Straight Shooter C-12 and Rena C-120 Continuous Feeder eliminates the hassle by feeding whatever needs to go through the printer in without any sorting or changing of settings.  Stuffed envelopes, booklets, magnets, plastic cards and even CDs can be batched together without creating jams.

Rena C-120 / Straight Shooter C-12 Continuous Feeder

The Rena C-120 and Straight Shooter C-12 Continuous Feeder is a great addition to the mail sorting equipment in any mailroom, and here’s why:

  • It has heavy-duty guides that go completely through the feeder to prevent off-centered printing.
  • The feed belts are easy to reposition, remove or replace, in case you find yourself with an odd-sized piece of mail.
  • Multiple separators and belts allow for completely customized jobs.
  • You’ll be able to feed media up to 12 inches wide and 17 inches long through your printer.
  • Blazing speeds of up to 40,000 postcards per hour ensure your job gets done on time, every time.
  • Optional floor stand, table stand, card feeder and single shot or batch models are available to make your Straight Shooter even more useful.

Technical Specifications:

Media HandlingWidth: 3” minimum up to 12” maximum
Length: 2” minimum up to 17” maximum
Thickness: Single sheet up to 3/8” thick
SpeedUp to 40,000 postcards per hour
Power120 vac, 5 amp standard, (240 optional)
Available interlocksDry contact, 12 vdc,
24 vdc, 24 vac. Others upon request.
Dimensions15’ wide x 17” long Weight: 35 lbs

Also available

  • Adjustable height floor stand
  • Table stand
  • Card option for small media
  • Single shot and batch models
  • C-20 for wide document

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