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Straight Shooter B-12E Batch Counting Feeder

The Straight Shooter B-12E line of friction feeders are the solution to your Single Shot, Batch feed and continuous feed applications!

Utilizing proven Straight Shooter innovations like Buckle Separation™ and repositionable feed belts and separators, the D-12 now offers a simple, cost effective solution for packaging applications.

The B-12E’s unique adjustable angle acceleration table allows you to deliver documents to your production machinery at the optimum angle, no matter what the application! This enhances productivity while minimizing waste.

Batch Counter Feeding:

  • Highly Programmable Batch Programming!
  • Switch from Batch Counting to Continuous Feeding with a flip of a switch!

We’ll give it to you straight… literally!
Straight Shooter’s complete paper guides and repositionable belt ideas are carried through in the B-12E’s acceleration table, giving you unmatched versatility and control.


Simple angle adjustment on the acceleration table allows you to customize the B-12E for any application.
Set the table flat for ink jetting or tabbing and downward for collators and bindery equipment

The D-12 offers all the features Straight Shooter has become known for:

  • Complete paper guides for straight delivery of your documents
  • Repositionable belts –let you put the friction where YOU want it!
  • Buckle separation™ for smoother separation without the jams!
  • Multiple, independently adjustable separators for greater versatility
  • Quick, easy belt changes reduce downtime and save you money!
  • Acceleration table creates gaps between documents for accurate photo eye detection AND delivers documents smoother and faster!

B-12E is great for feeding into:

  • Collators
  • Shrink wrap equipment
  • Plow folders
  • Ink jet equipment
  • Tabbing machines
  • Bindery equipment


Media HandlingWidth: 3” minimum up to 12” maximum (20” on D-20)
Length: 2” minimum up to 17” maximum
Thickness: Single sheet up to 3/8” thick
SpeedsUp to 40,000 postcards per hour
Power120 vac, 5 amp standard, (240 optional)
Available interlocksDry contact, 12 vdc, 24 vdc, 24 vac. Others upon request.
Dimensions17” wide x 26” long (D-12)
Weight55 lbs

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