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Secap DA-95F – SA5300 Addressing System

Many manufacturers claim to have the solutions for today’s mailing needs, but only Secap continues to make good on the promise of unique and highly desirable systems that dominate any and all mailing jobs. They’ve made an enormous mark on the industry by producing the Secap DA95F – SA5300 Addressing System, a print-integrated visual mechanization with high precision ink heads and prominent control knobs providing finely-wrought sourcing of your forms. This machine will impressively meet your graphical needs.

Secap has strived to ensure that this machine features best in class structural engineering so that the graphical fidelity of your mailing graphics is impeccable. Professional engineers have attended to every detail of the machine, from ink heads to trays, to ensure the best possible fit for any business’ mailing needs. In fact, the DA95F – SA5300 embodies a new high watermark; users will be able to print at a monstrous 600dpi and utilize a minimum of 12 scalable fonts. Those on a budget will be relieved to know that the printer also has an industry-defining “light mode” which enables the DA95F – SA5300 to minimize ink usage.  This is doubtlessly a new standard for printing operations.

Secap has put a lot of effort into the Secap DA95F – SA5300 and it really shows. Their achievement is one which will benefit the entire mailing industry, as the DA95F – SA5300’s speed and productivity metrics exceed previous industry standards by a huge margin. The “Super Draft” mode can be utilized to let you print up to 30,000 pieces per hour. This is one of the fastest speeds available for an addressing system. In short, the DA95F – SA5300 represents a significant upgrade to your operations, with the flexibility and durability to serve you a long time.

Standard Features:

Maximum Speeds

  • Produces up to 30,000 items an hour in a “Super Draft” mode

Printing Variety

  • Comes equipped with multiple modes: Super Draft, Draft, Executive, Letter, and Light.

Media Options

  • Media sizes supported range from 3” x 5” to 14” x 15.5”.

Barcode Superiority

  • Produces barcodes for the standard industry; supports USPS, EAN-13/UPC-A Internal, PLANET CODE, and Intelligent Mail barcodes

Compatibility and Versatility

  • Supports drivers for Windows 95 all the way to Vista and can utilize standard and advanced printer cartridges

Formidable Fonts

  • Download a limitless number of TrueType fonts over the internet; supports up to twelve scalable fonts at once

Optional Features

Dryer, Conveyor, and Table Equipment

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