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Secap DA70S – SA3300 Desktop Envelope Printer

A Different Type of Mailing Machines – Meet the Secap DA70S – SA3300 Address Printer

You really create a lasting image with personalized envelopes tailored to your mailing campaign.  Few mailing machines can turn a plain envelope into a work of art like the Secap DA70S – SA3300 desktop envelope printer.

The Devil’s in the Details with The Secap DA70S – SA3300 Address Printer

Your business’s branding efforts should extend to every corner of the Internet you visit, every email you send and every inch of every piece of paper you print.  Once you’ve experienced the amazing printing capabilities of the Secap DA70S – SA3300 Address Printer, you’ll never look at mailing equipment the same again.  Besides the incredible capacity to hold 750 envelopes at once, this envelop printer is able to add your personal message or imaging almost anywhere on an envelope’s face.  It’s easy to turn your mailing campaign’s volume up to 11 when you print your logo, seasonal imagery or sales message right on the envelope with one of these incredible mailing machines.

Secap DA70S – SA3300 Desktop Envelope Printer

The Secap DA70S – SA3300 Address Printer is a lot more than just the next evolution in envelop labeling, take a look at its many useful features:

  • Built-in hopper that will hold 750 #10 envelopes.
  • Prints up to 14,000 3-line address envelopes per hour.
  • User-friendly control panel for walk-up use.
  • Adjusts to a variety of media thicknesses, up to 1/4 inch.
  • Optional conveyer and dryer with drop stacker available to even more functionality.

Mailing equipment can be ordinary, or it can be extraordinary – the Secap SA3300 desktop envelope printer is the printer that will make you want to send more direct mailers.

For COLOR, checkout the Secap SA3350

For high quality color and graphics take a look at the Rena Envelope Imager CS

Maximum Speed Per HourUp to 14,000/hr.
(based on #10 envelopes, 3 lines, no barcode, black print)
Print Width9.4”
Media SizeWidth: 3.5” to 15”
Length: 5” to 15.5”
Thickness: Up to 1/4”
Print Resolution150, 300, 600 dpi horizontal; 300, 600 dpi vertical
Print ModesDraft, Letter, Executive
Light mode available in each of the 3 print modes
FontsInternal: 14 scaleable fonts 4 to144 pt.
Unlimited true type fonts (downloadable)
BarcodeUSPS® , PLANET Code® Barcode, Intelligent Mail® Barcode,
InterfaceUSB, Ethernet
Printhead/InkJet CartridgeVersatile Black or Similar
CertificationTUV, FCC

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