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Secap SA3150 Color Address Printer

Maximize your ability to produce outstanding documents with the incredible color addressing and pristine imaging of the Secap SA3150. This patented device is an engineering display of power, durability, and ingenuity, capable of delivering to both businesses and organizations the desperately sought ability to print high-quality items with exceptional fidelity and resolution. As a comprehensive printing platform, the Secap SA3150 inkjet printer is capable of virtually any sort of job that requires multiple media options and a vast array of reproduced visuals and targeted messages.

When seeking methods that deliver results, you will be hard-pressed to find a system that can do better than the one that produces rich color mail, and the Secap SA3150 really drives this truth home with its full range of color and font options. In fact, this printer comes equipped with 14 scalable fonts that range from 4 to 144 point type, and furthermore, this formidable machine can download a virtually unlimited number of true type fonts utilizing high-speed USB or Ethernet.

Of course, what printer package is there that’s worth its weight in gold that comes without an impressive print-head system?  The Secap SA3150 goes beyond all other ascended systems by utilizing best in class ink delivery systems. These ensure a rich visual production that will get results when products are mailed and received by recipients stunned by the gorgeous field screens. You’ll know it when you use it. The Secap SA3150 really is the best option!

Standard Features:

Turbo-charged Production

  • Bet a boost on your mailing business by making the Secap SA3150 produce a total of 10,000 items in the span of only a single hour

Flexibility Even Further Beyond

  • Your printing needs will be matched by the SA3150’s excellent compatibility; the system manages a maximum print width of 9.4” and a media size ranging from 3.5” x 5” all the way to 12.75” x 13.5”

Intense Resolutions

  • When you need a formidable display of printing might to shock and awe your audience into the desired effect, you will get it; the SA3150 can produce up to 600dpi for both color and black productions

Industry-Leading Features

  • You can rest with comfort and assurance knowing that your enterprise is capable of drafts, letters, and even executive light modes on a range of three modified printing operations

Barcode Bliss

  • The SA3150 will target every standard with support for USPS, PLANET Code, Intelligent Mail, and even EAN-13/UPC-A barcodes

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