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Secap – Ameritek Jet 1 Floor Model Tabber

2" $20,205 - 4" $22,095

Ameritek Jet1 Mail Tabber – Labeler – Post-It Note Affixer – Stamp Applier

Process you tabbing, labeling, stamp, Post-It-Note or decal affixing with the Ameritek Jet1 Tabber. This unit may be the easiest floor model tabber to set up and operate! In-line or off-line this high volume tabber is built for today’s mailing professionals. Its durable design will insures years of reliable operation.


New USPS Tabbing Requirements and Solution

The new USPS requirements for tabbing booklets require two 1-1/2″ tabs wrapped on the leading edge of the mail piece and one 1-1/2″ tab wrapped on the trailing edge of the product. By putting two independent tabbers inline we can meet this requirement in 1 pass! This configuration is shown below.

Ameritek Jet1 Double Tabber

Add in a Walco Bump Turn system and you can tab both sides then turn it to go directly into your addressing system.

The Ameritek T2000 design has been updated for improved operation in tabbing booklets to accommodate the new tabbing regulations.

Latest Ameritek Jet1 Improvements:

  • Tighter registration wheel assembly spacing for improved product control, ensuring rollers are in constant contact with the mailer.
  • Integrated base controls so one base “follows” the speed of the other tabber
  • Updated head control firmware to allow close tab spacing with the required double tabbing on the leading edge
  • Modified base output and input sections to allow close spacing of bases. The tabbing system can easily be broken up into two fully functional independent tabbers with the removal of two integration brackets and cables.
  • Extended guides for enhanced product control

Jet1 Tabber Technical Specifications


Production Rate
Single TabUp to 30,000 pieces/hr.
Double TabUp to 24,000 pieces/hr.
Triple TabUp to 18,000 pieces/hr.
(based on 8.5” length product)
Transport Belt
0 to 600 ft./min. (for tabs <2” pitch)
0 to 375 ft./min (for tabs >2” pitch)
Tabbing Head:
0 to 375 ft./min.


Minimum3” x 5”
Maximum13.5” x 17”
Minimum20# single sheet
Coated, bond, recycled, card


TypesTabs (single, double, triple), wafer seals, labels, stamps, repositionable notes, customized stickers, scratch-offs, machine grade paper and adhesive, clear, translucent, unperforated, vertical perforated.
NoteClear and translucent tabs require an “engineered backer” with registration marks for indexing.
Roll SizeUp to 19.5” diameter mounted on a 3”core, up to 50,000 3/4” tabs or 40,000 1” tabs.
Backer.75” to 2” for standard head
.75” to 4.5” for wide head
Label/Tab Length.75” to 7”
TAB PLACEMENTAccuracy: +/- 1/8” repeatability


Dimensions33”W x 37”D x 71”H
Tabletop Height34.75” to 37.75”
Weight350 lbs.
Power115V, Single phase, 10 amp

OPTIONS: Available in standard or wide head configuration.

Complies with USPS specifications for tab placement and application. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Speeds may vary depending on material and application.

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2" $20,205 - 4" $22,095