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Satori Bulk Mailer – Mail Equipment that Makes You More Productive

When you’re preparing USPS® compliant pieces of direct mail, you need to strike a balance between productivity and precision. While you want to get pieces processed as quickly as possible, you also want to be sure you’re doing so in a way that is legal and won’t raise any eyebrows from postage officials. You need reliable mail equipment that can improve your speed and give you the custom options you need to stay compliant.

Mailing Software that Does it All

Get the job done faster and easier with the Satori Bulk Mailer. Upgrade your entire mailing operation with this unique piece of mail equipment. Built on the back of advanced mailing software, the Satori Bulk Mailer can increase the likelihood that your direct mail will get delivered as well as help you keep postage rates in check.

This mail equipment includes easy to use wizard-based processes so you can set up jobs in a matter of minutes. Enter your preferences and let the Satori Bulk Mailer take care of the rest.

The Satori Bulk Mailer

The Satori Bulk Mailer mail equipment gives your organization unsurpassed mail preparation. If you’re looking for faster performance and more control over mailing options, this is the machine for you. The mailing software relies on reusable task templates that are easy to create or adapt to your unique mailing needs. With a WYSIWYG mail piece designer, even a beginner can create mail pieces that meet compliance standards.

This model features:

  • CASSTM Certified for address correction
  • PAVETM Certified Postal Presorting
  • Real-time Move Update Service
  • USPS documentation
  • List cleaning to ensure precise mailings
  • Job Builder for increased productivity
  • High-performance, multiuser architecture.

Upgrade your mail system with the Satori Bulk Mailer – save time, improve deliverability and upgrade your company’s image.

Compare Features

Any size mailing operation can reap the benefits of increased address quality and maximum postage discounts. Simply select the solution that delivers the features needed by your organization. Bulk Mailer Business offers the most flexibility and advanced features, while those with small lists may be satisfied with Bulk Mailer Standard edition.

Satori Bulk MailerStandardProfessionalBusiness
PAVE™ Gold certified postal presorting

First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® and Periodicals
Advanced presorting
Package Services, Mixed Weights, Palletization, Firm Bundles
USPS® documents and qualification report
PS form 3553, 3602, 3541 and 3600
Intelligent Mail® barcode supportXXX
Entry point discounts
Sort enhancements
Carrier route, walk sequence, automation and non-automation
Electronic documentation
Mail.dat and Mail.XML support
Mail.XML onlyXX

Data Management

CASS Certified™ for address correction
Includes DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing
Adds missing postal data
ZIP + 4®, carrier route, eLOT® and more
Built-in real-time* NCOALink® serviceoptionalXX
Duplicate managementXXX
EasyTrack mail stream monitoring service optionaloptional
Integrated data enhancement services
Append details, amend addresses and do-not-mail suppression
Merge/Purge optionaloptional
RDI™ service optionaloptional
Geocoding optionaloptional


Microsoft SQL Server database  X
Multiuser environment  X
Address record limit50002 GB4 GB
User-defined fields2222255
Job Builder XX


Graphical mail piece designerXXX
High-speed printer support and driversXXX
Barcoded sack and tray labelsXXX


Live UpdateXXX
Free online trainingXXX
Toll-free technical supportunlimitedunlimitedunlimited

Satori Software

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*Satori Software receives weekly NCOALink updates. Satori Software is a nonexclusive NCOALink Full-Service Provider Licensee of USPS.

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