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Speed and efficiency will come to your business if you utilize the Rena XPS-ProTab 4.0 Tabbing System. The tabbing platform is designed to increase productivity and drive home improvements on the bottom line. In fact, the Rena XPS-ProTab 4.0 is an engineering marvel; it has achieved a level of refinement that was hitherto unheard of in tabbing operations. If what your organization needs is a powerful tabbing platform that will get the job done once and again, the XPS-ProTab 4.0 has a very satisfying answer for you.

The system’s engineering represents speed and flexibility. The Rena XPS-ProTab 4.0 can manage a total output of 35,000 pieces an hour and up to three pieces in a single pass. This all-in-one solution for tabbing can apply clear, translucent, and even paper tabs with a refreshing easiness that doesn’t come natural to most manufacturers. However, Rena has won the day with the ProTab 4.0. It not only has a tremendous top speed, but it keeps on giving at a high volume for years. If reliability interests you, then you can settle your journey for a quality tabbing application at this incredible device.

The Rena XPS-ProTab 4.0 incorporates intelligent digital dynamics that operate focused sensors and guides to ensure your products are handled smoothly and that machine adjusts are a cinch. The system can be incorporated into a hardware environment consisting of several complimentary products ensuring that your overall operations will remain consistent and optimized. It features an integrated feeding control mechanism and even safety stopping mechanisms that function in tandem with the XPS-ProMail system to provide unmatched security.

Standard Features:

Intense Speeds

  • Don’t lose out on business hours; The ProTab 4.0 will produce 35,000 pieces in no more than an hour’s time


  • Single tab, double tab, or stamp, the Rena is capable of getting it done

Product Size Flexibility

  • Accepts materials that are at least 3” x 5” and up to maximum of 12” x 14” with a top thickness of 1/2”

Tabbing Opportunities

  • The Rena XPS-ProTab 4.0 lives up to its name by accepting tabs in a minimum size of 3/4” x 3/4″ and a maximum of 1 3/4″ x 2”.

Rolling Excellence

  • The rolling size can be fitted up to 12 1/2″ in diameter on an impressive 3” core, allowing a total of 30,000 3/4″ tabs


  • Impressive engineering combined with top-shelf materials means the XPS ProTab 4.0 is going to last again and again

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