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Rena has done it again with the T-950 Tabber. This system is quite simply the best rapid-speed tabbing device the company has built to date. It goes beyond simply having specifications for rapid delivery of product; it performs a smooth operation of 35,000 tabs per hour ensuring top-level productivity. This is a system that refuses to disappoint users when it comes to promising and delivering high-level results.

Engineered for speed and reliability, the T-950 will last for 120 million addressees over the course of five years. In other words, your organization can produce a total of two million addresses per month. When work demands results, the T-950 will execute tasks extremely fast and with accuracy.

Competing machinery will rock and vibrate and hum, but the Rena T-950 is the result of intensive engineering creating an elegant and sophisticated system that runs with minimal noise pollution. This also means the T-950 will operate with no fuss; users can expect a system that will provide the tabbing they need at a rate that minimizes errors.

The T-950 is equipped to deliver performance and versatility. It can apply a total of three tabs in a single pass and can even apply multiple stamps, and with a precision-tooled cam system, the T-950 will adjust to accommodate material up to 1/2” in thickness. Its unique system is unmatched in delivering exceptional results for busy environments.

Standard Features:

Tabbing Flexibility

  • Whether you need to process clear, translucent, or paper tabs, the T-950 will deliver results

Fast and Accurate

  • The T-950 will handle up to 9,500 fan-folded labels or 24,000 roll labels pieces in an hour’s time

Material Compatibility

  • Flexibility with sizes means the T-950 can handle materials at least 3” x 5” all the way to 13” x 17” and ensures the job gets completed. Material thickness can reach up to 1/2”

Accurate Control and Diagnostic Systems

  • An LED display promotes convenience for users by providing a job count and also quick and understandable fault codes

Security and Performance

  • Interlocking mechanisms protect all adjustments and an emergency stop switch means operators are well-guarded against critical errors

Optional Features

Conveyor System

  • Provides invaluable convenience for operators looking to automate more tasks

Stacking Device

  • Creates neat and organized piles naturally to ensure efficiency in the workroom environment

Convenient Drop Tray

  • Do more without having to compromise on organization; the drop tray will give you a place to receive your documents without having to improvise

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